Antique 1900-1920 Navajo Germantown "Sample" Rug

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In the 1880s, many trading post owners on the Navajo reservation began to provide commercial yarns to the weavers. These plied yarns came from Eastern woolen mills, principally the ones around Germantown, Pennsylvania. Traders encouraged their better weavers to use these commercial yarns as they created sharp and bold designs. It was also an excellent way to speed up production since the weaver no longer had to shear, card, and hand spin the wool for her rugs. 

This sampler is woven from multi-ply commercial "Germantown" wool yarn. Like all smaller Germantowns, it has a cotton warp. This sampler is from the period 1900-1920. 

Nice bright eye dazzler design rug with all crisp stored away rug colors on one side and aged reverse. No moth damage.

Size 20"h x 22"w

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